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Event Management Stuck at The Crossroads

I’ve been in IT for longer than I’d like to admit and one thing I’ve seen repeatedly is companies taking a disorganized and ad-hoc approach to Event Management and monitoring of their infrastructure that includes network, servers/VMs, databases, applications, etc.. Most IT organizations I’ve worked with suffer from tool sprawl, having acquired — over time […]

Organizational Vital Signs II – Two Steps to Control your Work In Progress (WIP)

As consultants we have the opportunity to see, examine and work with a variety of different organizations. When I’m first learning about an organization there are a few ‘vital signs’ I look for to get a quick assessment of the shop’s health and maturity. The first, which was covered in our last post, is the […]

TRIVIA – Playing with Service Catalyst is Fun AND Informative!

Standing Out from the Crowd @ K17 The challenge for any company on the floor at Knowledge (or any tech show, for that matter) is how to stand out memorably amidst a sea of vendors and specialists, each attempting to share their message as though it were the most essential one at the conference.  There’s […]

Come Talk to Us Early in your ServiceNow Journey

At the recent ServiceNow Knowledge 17 conference there was flier in the complimentary marketing materials that attempted to use some reverse psychology to lend the vendor some street cred and attract attendees to their booth: ‘Please don’t come by if you haven’t been on ServiceNow for 2 years – we just won’t have that much […]

#K17 Thoughts – Developing a Systems Understanding is Critical

I drafted these thoughts on an airplane flying back from the ServiceNow Knowledge17 conference. This was my first time at Knowledge but I came away with a sense that I had kind of ‘been here before.’ In one very important way there was a level of consistency with other ‘ITSM’ events and industry conferences where […]

Organizational Vital Signs – Leadership Team and Control of WIP

A while ago I posted on the topic of where an organization should consider starting with an ITSM initiative. The point was that the proper place was actually before ITSM itself. Rather it was best to consider the management structure and the leadership team. Continuing that theme; my next two posts will cover two ‘organizational […]

If only we “coulda” known about the stuff we “shouldn’ta” done in ServiceNow

There’s a constant tension that we guide clients of our ServiceNow practice through, here at Service Catalyst. That tension lays between possible and advisable solutions. Put simply, there’s what you coulda done, and there’s what you shoulda done (and hopefully what you did falls into the latter category – but hey, nobody’s perfect). Platform development offers a controlled sandbox […]

Service Portal Impersonation

The ServiceNow world is abuzz with talk of Service Portal and the vast majority of our clients are now using it. I want to make an important point here that may not be obvious to ServiceNow customers: Service Portal is not only for creating Portals! There, I said it! Service Portal is a framework for creating […]

Instanbul (automated) Functional testing

Last month Jennifer provided us with the hype versus reality around the new Automated Testing Framework (ATF) within ServiceNow’s Istanbul release. This month I’d like to give my take and step you through the basic use of the application. My slant: Functional testing in ServiceNow hasn’t gotten much of a face lift in the last […]

Testing 1…2…3…

The latest ServiceNow release brought with it some great features to reporting, anomaly metrics, service portal, mobile and more. However, one of the most anticipated and talked about feature of Istanbul is the Automated Testing Framework (ATF).   Testing 1…The Good With ServiceNow’s ATF users can create test cases that the system will run automatically […]

Maximizing the ROI of Supplier Relationships

With such a strong vendor dependency supplier management (beyond the initial negotiation and purchase) should be a core compentancy within the IT organization, yet it is more often not the case.

Twitter Meets Service Management

The Business Analyst Story In my opinion, corporate Twitter accounts fall into two categories: Large company’s corporate Twitter account that is run by a team of millennials tweeting marketing jargon Small company’s Twitter account that one or two people have access to and Tweet every once in a while when they think about it (which […]