Large University

“Assembling the service portfolio was a new (and often daunting) experience for us.  Service Catalyst was with us every step of the way providing expert and patient guidance toward our end product. They are both very good at what they do and extremely pleasant to work with. We are approaching UAT with confidence that we have a strong and functional service catalog”

“I am very happy with the performance of our delivery team.  Everyone works great together and is always looking for the optimal way to implement our requirements.”

Customer Situation

A prestigious university had decided to implement a Service Management program in their IT organization.  They needed a partner who could assist them with formulating the right processes, as well as provide a sound implementation of those processes within the ServiceNow platform.

The Solution

Getting services correctly defined is foundational to the “service” management processes and the data-driven approach that ServiceNow affords to facilitate work assignment and metrics alignment.  However, defini2016-03-02_1410ng services is neither a simple or straightforward task and getting “Service Owners” to understand and embrace the responsibilities of their new role is equally challenging and important.  This solution would lay the groundwork for subsequent Service Management work streams.

  • Define and collect business service, service offering, and application attributes that will help classify and define transactional process (incident, request, etc.) workflows
  • Define the various roles of the Service Owners so they fully understood their roles and responsibilities in the system
  • Define the dashboards and reports to meet the operational requirements for Service Owners
  • Documented user and functional requirements for services
  • Configure services and applications in ServiceNow (utilizing the logical portions of the CMDB)
  • Design and configure the relevant actions or symptoms that can occur on a service, and the fulfillment routing rules based on those actions
  • Design and configure school/department/campus consumption of services
  • Design and configure a self-service view of the university’s business services