Ivy League University

“Delivered on time, with good documentation and knowledge transfer, meeting requirements with good recommendations for metrics and implementation.”

“From my perspective, the development and implementation was a very successful partnership from start to finish, and despite the inevitable challenges and curve balls along the way. The product worked as designed from first use, and its stabilization period post-launch was pleasantly uneventful. Finally, Service Catalyst showed that they will continuously improve and adapt their engagement processes based on feedback and other learnings along the way. This allowed them to best support us, which from my own admission is a very difficult, demanding and overly-inclusive culture where our own resources to complete the work were limited and inconsistent. Great job team!”

“Exceptional strategic advice, project sprint planning and project delivery.  Expert advice and expertise on how to complete technical tasks.  Incredibly strong responsiveness to previously unknown defect.  Extremely strong knowledge of ServiceNow platform. Demonstrated knowledge of Higher Education processes”

Customer Situation

This large Ivy League university was redesigning and rethinking their service management processes within their organization.  They needed guidance with organizational change management, process design, and technical implementation of a new unified platform while also laying the foundation to expand into multiple service towers within the university.

The Solution

Service Catalyst in partnership with the university:

      • Defined a roadmap and high level program schedule
      • Outlined and advised on a communication strategy2016-09-19_1555
      • Developed a reference architecture and technical architecture
      • Designed, developed, tested and integrated the solution
      • Identified Personas and affiliations (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc) architected and base roles established in system
      • Authored development and instance standards documentation for operational use
      • Developed training curriculum
      • Documented requirements housed within the ServiceNow platform with fully traceable functional specifications, test scripts and test results
      • Developed and implemented an intake process that eliminated the need for the end user to understand the difference between and incident and a request, while directing the user interaction to the correct process. This allows the work to follow the appropriate workflow and facilitates meaningful metrics that represent work progress and results for each process independently
      • Designed and implemented well-planned request and incident processes that route work to the appropriate teams for resolution or fulfillment
      • Designed, developed, and implemented more than 50 request catalog items representing service requests for critical end-user services
      • Designed, developed, and implemented a Major Incident process that handled unplanned outages and formulated a communication strategy for organizational transparency and information sharing