How to prepare for working with Service Catalyst

We have found through the years that the best way to start a new relationship with a client is to just start talking.

It’s really that easy- whether you are ready to start tomorrow or just thinking about how to make things better for your company, give us a call. We’re happy to get the team on the phone and start a conversation. And we promise we won’t harass you or send the “sales” closer in after the call. But what we will promise is an engaging conversation, some ideas, tips, do’s, don’ts, and maybe a story or two.

When you are ready to engage with Service Catalyst, we will work together to document and agree to specific deliverables and responsibilities for defined time periods.

We offer three ways of working together:

  • Time and Materials: following this method, we bill you for either hourly or daily rates plus expenses.
  • Fixed Price: following this method, we bill you for pre-determined amounts at pre-determined milestones
  • Gain-share: following this method a specific and measurable financial target is established and a portion of the gain for a specific period becomes part of our compensation in addition to either time and materials or fixed-price methods.

We look forward to talking with you!