Episode 28: Intake

The Service Catalyst team discusses the advantages of Intake Management, which allows incoming work to be identified and directed to the appropriate process such as Incident or Request Management. This [...]

Episode 27: Who We Are and What We Do

The CPP team discusses their progress over the past year and shares insights behind the motivation to provide ServiceNow implementation & development. This decision augments their already dynamic [...]

Episode 26: Build It and They Will Come?

It’s hard enough building an Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework and team for your business let alone trying to gather the necessary critical mass within an organization for adoption. [...]

Episode 25: ITSM Projects

If you've ever wondered what other Companies are doing to improve the value of IT to the business, look no further. Episode 25 takes you on a journey [...]

Episode 24: Fluffernutter

In Episode 24, cut through the Cloud "Fluffernutter" with Jay and Val as they explore what companies should do when engaging providers. Whether you have or will be [...]

Episode 23: I Want IT Fixed Now, DamnIT!

Has your end-user community come to expect immediate fulfillment of all there requests and issues?  Do you often hear from them, "I want it fixed now Damnit!", but [...]

Episode 22: Agile is as Agile does…

In episode 22, Jay asks, "does Agile mean you don't have to plan"?  He and Val discuss Agile and how it relates to IT projects including ITSM projects. [...]

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