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The ServiceNow Service Portal Compatibility Checker

Migrating from ServiceNow’s old style CMS to Service Portal?  You’ll definitely want to listen to this episode!!

Jennifer Griffin, Ben Ramseyer and Jay Martin discuss Jennifer’s Service Portal compatibility checker which helps clients determine impact (from a compatibility standpoint) when migrating from the old ServiceNow CMS. It checks things like client scripts and UI policies to see if they are fully supported by Service Portal. Instead of manually checking your catalog items  item-by-item, the Compatibility Checker saves you time by providing a programmatic way to accurately identify potential issues.

In addition, Ben discusses a possible phased approach to running the old CMS along site the new Service Portal.

Contact Service Catalyst at sales@service-catalyst.com if you need our Service Portal experts to take you into the future.

Episode 35: ServiceNow’s Istanbul Release

Service Catalyst shares our experiences with upgrading to Istanbul. We highlight many cool features that you will immediately want to take advantage of in your organization.

Episode 34: Women in Tech

Some of the Women of Service Catalyst (and a couple of male back-up singers) provide a Baby Boomer and Millennial perspective on what it’s been like to enter and continue to work in the world of Technology and IT. We discuss how things have changed, how they’ve not changed, and what’s still left to do.

Episode 33: Twitter Integration and ServiceNow

Why on earth would you want to Tweet from ServiceNow (think Major Incidents, Outages, Alerts, the ability to communicate when your own network is unavailable)?? How might you integrate ServiceNow to not only publish tweets but to bring info from your Twitter feed into ServiceNow to correlate that data with activities happening in your environment using Performance Analytics?

Learn the why, what and how about integrating ServiceNow with Twitter in this informative podcast.

Episode 32: Application Lifecycle Management

In this podcast we cover Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from Ideation, Demand, capturing business and functional requirements through testing and beyond! PMs, BRMs, and App Dev teams.

Episode 31: Asset Management

The Service Catalyst team introduces Asset Management automation and discusses how best to get your assets out of spreadsheets and into a system to help better track and drive your business and finances.

Episode 30: Business Relationship Management

BRM and PPMOs everywhere rejoice! The BRM role may seem daunting at times, but the Service Catalyst team explains how to turn the Business Relationship framework into something actionable and manageable.

Episode 29: Service Side Up

The Service Catalyst team invites you to Save the Data!  We’ll discuss how implementing a Service Data Management strategy — continuously improved over time —  is the basis for a successful Service Management implementation within tools like ServiceNow. Service Owners now have a place to manage their services, applications and the surrounding meta data.

Want to learn more? Read our blog post on this topic.

Episode 28: Intake

The Service Catalyst team discusses the advantages of Intake Management, which allows incoming work to be identified and directed to the appropriate process, such as Incident or Request Management. This allows for cleaner distribution of work and more accurate metrics.

Episode 27: Who We Are and What We Do

The CPP team discusses their progress over the past year and shares insights behind the motivation to provide ServiceNow implementation & development. This decision augments their already dynamic Service Management process transformation to its clients.